Getting setup for .CA TBR domain registrations

In theory you are here because you are interested in registering one or more .CA domains which look like they are going TBR (To Be Released) for re-registration. (See our .ca FAQ for a description of the expiration timing.)

We run a "TBR queing" system which you can use to submit lists of .CA domains for registration if/when they get released. According to our stats, our queuing system registers more TBR domains than any other .ca registrar (even when you pair up registrars that run in tandem like and do).

Our system will accept orders for domains which are within 30 days of expiry. (Which is about 60 days before they go TBR.) You can prioritize, add or delete orders any time up until about 15 minutes before the TBR run.

We try to publish a list of all the .ca domains which are expired, or within 38 days of expiry.

Getting access to our TBR system is easy. Access is limited to clients with a billing id and billing password (or invoice #), and knowlege of the ordering page. You can create a billing ID (and password) for yourself via the 'my account' link on our home page. Once you have that, login to your account and go through the "Enable Credit Card Billing" menu item. Once that is done, a "TBR domains" link will be added to the "Register" list under the "Other" heading. That link will take you to the TBR system.

See the baremetal pages tbr.html and the tbr_bidding.html as they are likely more up to date than the versions.

One last item: you need to have an active CIRA registrant to be able to do a TBR registration. If you already have a .ca name, then you have a registrant. If not, you can go here to create a new registrant. (Take the "create a new registrant" button).